Occupy Pocatello: A March Held Around The World

The Occupy Wall St. movement has come to the Pocatello area. They will be holding a march on Saturday, October 15 along with cities across the nation and globe.
They will gather from 9am to 11:00pm and prepare for marches as well as hand out education material or answer any questions anyone might have. They will march 2 to 3 times during the day, going to key locations like City Hall and the Courthouse. The general assembly will vote on other possible locations on site.
They are meeting at Caldwell Park located in Pocatello. The park has a playground area so parents are encouraged to bring their children. There will be live music and local food vendors at the event.
The organizers request fellow citizens to join them and help get our country back on track. They warn marchers to dress warm because it will be a bit chilly.
They look forward to seeing everyone all there and having a great time! For more information about this event, please go to their Facebook page, or contact organizers via e-mail at occupypocatello@gmail.com.